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Cryptocurrency Tracking Made Easier – The First Multi-Chain Telegram Wallet Tracker


CATCHY aims to provide a suite of crypto tracking tools for Telegram users. From the currently available multichain (BSC + ETH) Telegram wallet tracker, to the upcoming wallet watcher, price alert, and sniperbot tools, our vision is to create an ecosystem that satisfies crypto enthusiast needs directly on Telegram, the flagship crypto platform.

Check out CATCHY’s website here.

Moonshot Monday Chat, [02/12/2021 17:00]

Hey everyone!

I am pleased to welcome the community manager of Catchy to our channel.

You may recall we selected Catchy as our number one moonshot in our recent Moonshot Monday podcast.

Now is your chance to ask any questions you may have and hear from the project about some of the recent developments.

Let’s kick off!


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:01]

Hello everyone! It’s an honor to be here and thank you for having me!


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:02]

Our main dev is doxxed but he’s unfortunately unavailable at the moment. I’m the community manager and I’ll be addressing any questions/concerns you might have


Crypto Whisperer, [02/12/2021 17:02]

Hey! I saw your AMA on Gollum this week. It was very impressive. Can you tell us a little more about your founder and his background and whether Catchy is his focus going forward


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:04]

Our founder ( has 6+ years of professional experience in software engineering. He’s worked in top-tier multi-national firms and has a master’s in computer engineering from a top university in Canada.


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:07]

Just started using it – it’s so clever. Love it! How did the name Catchy come about?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:07]

He’s currently on leave from his job to focus on Catchy for the foreseeable future. He has a vision of creating a complete ecosystem of crypto-tracking tools, and before he finishes that, he won’t be returning to his job. In fact, Catchy is part of his startup, Gearlay, which focuses on universal bot deployment in social media. That’s why we can do what we do directly on Telegram. I hope that covers everything.


SP215, [02/12/2021 17:07]

I think CATCHY is really cool, but it concerns me that all my financial info. is so visible on telegram. I feel like I have to keep deleting what I’ve written. I know my passwords etc. are safe, but I don’t want to risk someone else being able to see so much of my financial information.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:08]

[In reply to EJC]

Thank you! We had convenience in mind every step of the way. The name was more of a running joke because we needed something “catchy”. Four months down the line we had already launched the project with that name 🙂


SP215, [02/12/2021 17:08]

Very fun!


Crypto Whisperer, [02/12/2021 17:10]

I read somewhere you had over 1000 users since your launch in mid Oct. What is the growth like? How do you intend to attract more users?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:10]

[In reply to SP215]

We get this question a lot. Our bot does not save any of your identifiable information. No names, usernames, or phone numbers. The only ID it saves is an anonymous Telegram ID that is unique to each individual. It saves that ID so it can know who it’s talking to whenever you use /wallet or refresh your balances. The bots and the dev team have no access to any identifying information at all.


SP215, [02/12/2021 17:10]

That’s good to know. Thx


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:10]

It is catchy! The names definitely caught in my mind now. How long has it taken to get the project to this point and what are your plans to get it used mass market and bring in users?


Adam, [02/12/2021 17:13]

Do you plan trackers on other platforms?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:13]

[In reply to Crypto Whisperer]

We launched the bot around the beginning of October, but it took us a while to get people on board with the idea of a wallet tracker on Telegram. Some thought they had to connect their wallet to Telegram (which we do not ask you to do, we simply request a wallet address) and some had the same concerns as SP215. Over time, we slowly won people over with our visible dedication to improving the product and adding new features. Recent growth has been more rapid than gradual, and tracker uptake has been on the rise. We’re currently working on a professionally edited promo video for the tracker, and that will serve as our main marketing tool to attract users.


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:14]

What’s the timeline for that? Where do you think it’ll be in a years time?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:14]

[In reply to EJC]

For marketing plans, we’re doing pretty much everything we can. AMAs, call groups, twitter influencers, youtube videos, pushes into the chinese market,  you name it.


Crypto Whisperer, [02/12/2021 17:15]

That makes sense. I found when I started using it becomes an essential part of my crypto arsenal.


Adam, [02/12/2021 17:15]

What is the value of the catchy token?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:15]

[In reply to Adam]

That is definitely on the cards. We have the infrastructure to integrate the tracker into Discord. For the time being, however, we will be focusing on Telegram and establishing a foothold on this market before expanding.


SP215, [02/12/2021 17:15]

IS CATCHY capable of seeing all my coins. I have a wallet with lots of coins and it often says it’s showing my top 8 coins


Wandering Rurouni, [02/12/2021 17:15]

Is there any plan to support staking and yield farming?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:16]

[In reply to EJC]

It’s a super long term project. The tracker is only the first of our products. We have whale watching, price alerts, and a mempool sniperbot in the works. You can check the website for more details 🙂


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:16]

What’s your closest competition?


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:17]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]

Really cool, sounds like it’s part of a much bigger project


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:18]

[In reply to SP215]

At the moment, it can see v1 and v2 coins. If there’s anything missing, you can consult the [Show missing & Hide existing tokens] button. We have a scam/dead token filtering system running in the background so it might’ve flagged one of those tokens as a scam, but you can overrule it with that button.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:18]

[In reply to Wandering Rurouni]

Those are definitely on the cards, but they’re very long term plans. However, we’re listing on Coinsbit tomorrow, and you can stake CATCHY directly on their exchange!


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:19]

[In reply to EJC]

On telegram, we really haven’t seen anyone come nearly close. We’ve seen some browser/app based trackers but we don’t think of them as direct competition, as we populate completely different spaces.


Wandering Rurouni, [02/12/2021 17:19]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]

No, I mean to track portfolio currently in staking/yield farming. Similar like debank


Crypto Whisperer, [02/12/2021 17:20]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]

What is the deal there in terms of APR?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:20]

[In reply to Wandering Rurouni]

Oh I see! Yeah the dev team was discussing that the other day. They want to add the ability to show staked tokens.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:21]

[In reply to Crypto Whisperer]

I don’t have exact numbers as the exchange is still setting things up on their end. We’ll update the community as we get details.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:22]

It’s worth noting that the tracker is completely free to try at the moment. In the future, you’ll have to hold Catchy to use it. As we add more premium features like whale watching, we’ll add pricing tiers. The mempool sniper will also be accessible through holding/burning Catchy.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:22]

a small overview of our tracker


Reddie, [02/12/2021 17:23]

When moon? 🤣🤣


John Ioannou, [02/12/2021 17:23]



EJC, [02/12/2021 17:23]

There was a spike in the price over the weekend, do you know why?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:23]

[In reply to Reddie]

soon 💎


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:25]

[In reply to EJC]

We had a random call from a massive group. Abnormally insane pump, followed by the inevitable dump. However, we managed to accrue a decent marketing budget through tax fees, so we can now execute our marketing plans without financial concerns.


Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:25]

How soon do you see your wallet tracking reaching other social media platforms?


Adam, [02/12/2021 17:26]

Are you talking to other CEXs?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:26]

[In reply to Nelson Candela (Kicko)]

That’s probably a Q1 2022 goal. I believe the devs want to complete the existing roadmap before extending their reach to other platforms. However, if they find the time and there’s enough for it, they should be able to deploy on discord in the near future.


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:26]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]



Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:26]

Also, how well will your coin sniper be at filtering out scam coin launches?


Adam, [02/12/2021 17:27]

What is the size of the team?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:27]

[In reply to Adam]

Yep! There’s a lot of things in the works right now. Our goal is to eventually get into Kucoin,, and Binance.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:29]

[In reply to Nelson Candela (Kicko)]

The guys are configuring the bot to spot obvious scams. However, there will always be things that can slip an automated system, so the bulk of the work will be on the user to do their own research. However, much like contract-testing bots, we’ll give you a breakdown of what the sniperbot perceives as a potential threat.


Reddie, [02/12/2021 17:29]

Got plan on getting dextool and dextool ads?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:30]

[In reply to Adam]

We’re currently sitting at 7 members: 3 developers, 2 community guys, 1 marketing guy, and a graphic designer. Our main dev is doxxed (you can find him on the website


Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:30]

Your sniper will only snipe coins on the bsc chain correct?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:30]

[In reply to Reddie]

Also on the cards 🙂


Adam, [02/12/2021 17:31]

If you had $1M invested in the project what would you spend it on? What would your top priorities be?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:32]

[In reply to Nelson Candela (Kicko)]

This I’m not too sure about. Lemme double check with the devs and get back to you.


Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:33]

Any idea on how much you will need to have invested in order to access the sniper?


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:34]

[In reply to Adam]

Marketing and spreading awareness about the project is a top priority at the moment. We’re currently looking into getting some big influencers/youtubers on board, but they’re not cheap at all. Upgrading infrastructure is always up there too because we’re running our own BSC and ETH nodes, as well as our own servers that people communicate with when they use the bots.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:35]

[In reply to Nelson Candela (Kicko)]

No exact prices yet, but it will be extremely competitive. We want to undercut the market while delivering consistent quality and safe secure execution.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:38]

To further clarify on the infrastructure, anyone who was using our bot from the start might’ve noticed a general increase in speed and stability over the last week. That’s because we upgraded our servers to the next level. Our users’ convenience is the utmost priority, and we want catchy to become a mainstay part of your crypto tracking toolbox


Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:39]

Very nice thanks for the answers 🙏🏾


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:39]



Adam, [02/12/2021 17:39]

Thank you CATCHY team


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:40]

We believe the upcoming whale watcher will cause a bit of a buzz. It will notify you whenever a whale in a coin that you’re watching makes a move, allowing you to quickly react to big movements


Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:42]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]

Extremely bullish


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:42]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]

I can see that going to be big for sure


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:43]

[In reply to Nelson Candela (Kicko)]

And to answer your question from earlier regarding the sniperbot, the devs informed me that their goal is to have the sniper work for both PCS and Uniswap.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:43]

So yes, the sniperbot should be able to target both BSC and ETH


Moonshot Monday Chat, [02/12/2021 17:44]

Great stuff! Any other questions before we wrap things up?


EJC, [02/12/2021 17:45]

Thanks Catchy – going to following this closely and using it everyday I reckon


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:45]

If you guys are interested in a long-form tutorial narrated by a core team member, here you go 🙂


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:46]

[In reply to EJC]



Moonshot Monday Chat, [02/12/2021 17:46]

That is great. Is there anything else you want to tell our community in parting?


Nelson Candela (Kicko), [02/12/2021 17:46]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]



CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:49]

Thank you guys for having me, and for the smart questions. Our team is extremely dedicated to this project and has a long term vision of creating a complete ecosystem of crypto tracking tools. We’d love for you to join us on this journey and give us feedback along the way. This is the closest thing to a lifetime project for us, and we won’t stop until we achieve our vision, and then hopefully push way past it.


Adam, [02/12/2021 17:49]



CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:50]

If you have any more questions, you can ask them on the group: And if you’re lucky, you might get an answer from our main dev himself, who is now doxxed.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:52]

And huge thanks to Moonshot Mondays for having us and believing in our vision ❤️


Moonshot Monday Chat, [02/12/2021 17:52]

[In reply to CATCHY ADMIN]

That is great. Also please let us know who is the winner of the best question prize when you have a moment to review the questions. Thank you so much for your valuable time.

We will also be providing this AMA online shortly.


CATCHY ADMIN, [02/12/2021 17:54]

[In reply to SP215]

I think I’ll have to choose this one 💎

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