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In the next 3 years over 1 billion cameras will be installed across the globe, producing petabytes of video recordings daily. Faceter is designed to perform big data video analysis in real time – extracting faces, objects and events resulting in the transformation of these meaningless recordings into meaningful assets.


FACE token is the core of the decentralized network as a flexible, transparent, cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants. Starting with the payments they receive from customers who want to use Faceter for video analysis. Work of miners in their decentralized network is also paid by FACE.


Faceter has found a potentially lucrative niche which has so far remained unexplored particularly in the blockchain space. With a market cap of $2 million, fully diluted $3.75 million, this project is both undervalued and undiscovered. It is a project that deserves significantly more attention.


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I think Faceter is an exciting new find with great fact, I was so impressed with it, I tried to buy some and was frustrated by the extremely low liquidity. Since US citizens can’t buy on bitbtc, uniswap was my only option and there wasn’t enough liquidity to even buy $50 of it with eth.