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Opacity (OPCT)

Status: Mainnet

Price: $0.24

Target Price: $1.10

Market Cap: $31 million, fully diluted $33 million

Action: Buy

Opacity has an experienced team led by Jason Coppola who has previously worked at Microsoft, Paypal and Salesforce. We believe Opacity is a well thought out project that has the potential to carve a significant share of this market. Based on the valuations of both MaidSafeCoin and 0chain which command market caps of $500 million and $620 million respectively and are yet to launch we believe Opacity is significantly undervalued. We have set a price target of $1.10 in the short term which we believe more closely reflects its potential.



Opacity Storage

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Watch out for this one, i registered for a free 10 GB of storage.

  • It seems very slow (could be my connection).
  • When you refresh you lose your session to the storage account.
    • It is  sessionless, which is horrible for large fileuploads!
  • When you refresh you lose your fileupload and it won't restore.
    • It is  sessionless, which is horrible for large fileuploads!

So for me this is a no go.

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Hello Thomas.
It might be due to your connection. However, you might also want to try out our current open Beta of our upcoming 2.0 release: Maybe, it will satisfy your speed needs 🙂

The second issue, about sessions, is also solved with 2.0.

I hope, you are enjoying our upcoming 2.0 release and that it is more convenient for you to use!

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Very interesting. I had similar concerns but just tried your 2.0 beta link and it’s fantastic.
Thanks for sharing. I’ll be buying some opct!


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