Serious Cryptocurrency – From Beginner to Pro

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Serious Cryptocurrency – From Beginner to Pro


A complete beginners guide to all things crypto, how to find the winners, the hot areas right now, trading strategies, the risks and much much more…


Last updated: September 2020



Tutor: Fraud Stamp


Course summary


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


  • Complicated concepts made simple
  • Examine some of the hottest areas in cryptocurrency such as DeFi
  • Identify opportunities such certain governance tokens and other currencies with potential
  • The dogs to avoid!
  • Practical information to help you do your own research
  • Risk – An in depth examination of risk and how to profit from it
  • Compete with the other crypto market pros


What you’ll learn


  • An A to Z of the crypto world but with a difference. We will look at areas which typical investors don’t even know about, such as governance tokens for instance.
  • We keep it simple explaining concepts and processes so that you understand all you need to so that you can assess investment opportunities independently and spot the emerging trends before anyone else.
  • Blockchain, Sharding, ERC20 Tokens, Lightning Network, borrowing protocols, mining, ICOs, hashing are just some of the concepts we look at.
  • We will provide you with practical resources so that you can identify hot currencies early.
  • We go in depth in the hot area of decentralized finance or DeFi so that you can take advantage of the many opportunities in this area.
  • We look at wallets, storage options and the associated risks and the best exchanges to buy your currency through.
  • We look at decentralized exchanges and how they can benefit you as an investor.
  • We provide you with our bespoke checklist which will ensure you avoid the mistakes most investors make in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.
  • We look at the various effective trading strategies available and the software you can use to track your performance.
  • Learn all about ICOs, what will be next, and where to find the hottest new opportunities.
  • Understanding risk is crucial when investing, this is even more important when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. We will explain to you the risks and how to protect yourself against them, including identifying scams and ensuring you don’t invest in cryptocurrencies that turn out to be securities.



This course includes:


1.5 hours on demand video

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Comprehensive course notes – covering over 110 pages of valuable information

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Fraud Stamp’s goal is to educate our community in the risks and opportunities of all aspects of the investment market. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new market. Often described as the wild wild west. It is therefore crucial that you understand the risks. It is also said that things move at lightning speed in the crypto market. Look at the DeFi (decentralized finance) space, winners and losers are born overnight. Governance tokens have taken the market by storm. Lending protocols are the current craze that threaten to take cryptocurrency mainstream. Central exchanges are slowly becoming obsolete with decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap gaining market share.


Our course will not just teach you the basics because only knowing the basics is dangerous in this rapidly developing market. You must know where to go for the latest information.  You need to think independently, so that you are in a strong position to identify the next trend and thus the next opportunity and you must be in a position to identify and cover your downside. The market isn’t called the wild wild west for nothing… Many new currencies are scams or have no hope of adoption, some have been poorly executed. Market commentators are in the habit of pumping and dumping and ramping the cryptocurrency they have an interest in. The crypto market is not for the faint hearted. But where there is chaos there is opportunity and that is our objective in this course, to give you a path through this chaos.


There are countless investors who have lost their shirt in the crypto space and countless more who know what they are doing and have made fortunes and continue to do so. Our goal is to turn you into a pro, so that you don’t just follow the sheep but follow your own hunches which is the only way to make money in this market. But saying all this it is crucial you understand the risks. We will provide you with our tried and tested checklist which will ensure you identify the  solid opportunities from the suspect ones. We will look at the areas which are taken for granted such as storage – the most effective way to store your currency. They say bitcoin is like digital gold, we will show you how you can make a risk free income from your bitcoin holdings and other cryptocurrencies – although the word risk free is relative especially in this market.


They say a little knowledge is dangerous – no truer are those words than  in the crypto market. This isn’t your typical crypto course. This course is not tied to any particular product or service. We are on your side.  You will leave this course with confidence and a thorough understanding to match the performance of many of the other pros in the market.