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The metaverse is everywhere


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  • Decentraland $5.0B
  • The Sandbox $4.7B
  • Enjin Coin $2.7B
  • Illuvium $0.8B


  • Rentible $7M



dYdX and the perpetual

Let’s start with, what is a perpetual?


Rapid fire




Moonshot TV going strong


Inside Track podcasts

  • Rx SeedCoin – the project aiming to relieve world hunger, homlessness and sickness talks combining crypto with compassion.
  • Coinberry – the first regulated crypto exchange in Canada talks competing with Binance, regulation, the future of crypto and what crypto the CEO would spend a spare $1,000 on.



Staking and Yield Farming




Guest Article

Catchy by name Catchy by nature


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