MoonSpark aims to be the go to platform for the purchase of small emerging cryptocurrencies.

As well as looking to build a trusted platform among investors looking to invest in exciting new projects we also want to provide projects with an alternative to the limited options currently available.

Most small to micro cap crypto projects are listed on one or more DEX. Of course this involves projects having to back their native currency with capital which ties up precious resources in the process.

MoonSpark is a more cost effective solution which hands back control to the project owner. It is called the single sided listing platform. Launching with only 16 tokens, MoonSpark plans to launch its platform in October.


It works like this… 

Any crypto project can upload their information onto the MoonSpark platform for investors to view. In addition, project owners will transfer tokens to their own secure account on our platform which can in turn be purchased by investors with the proceeds from each sale going directly to the project’s wallet. The project owner is in control of their account. He can remove or add tokens as he or she wishes and set the price of the token.

Unlike DEXs and central exchanges the project owner controls the price and the number of tokens available. There is no liquidity required in order to list a token or upfront costs. A small commission is charged on each sale.


Why list on MoonSpark?

There could be a host of different reasons why a project may wish to list their cryptocurrency on MoonSpark.


Development capital

MoonSpark provides the perfect solution for new and existing projects looking to raise development capital. The project owner simply inputs relevant information about his or her project into the platform, transfers the number of tokens they wish to sell and sets the price. The token is immediately available for investors to buy.

There is no time limit and you can continue to list your currency at your discretion.


Increasing the size of the investor base

It is important that cryptocurrencies have liquidity. The quickest way to achieve this is by attracting as many token holders as possible. The problem with the traditional route of building a community and a token base is by giveaways and airdrops. However by doing this projects end up with a base of token holders who are not invested for the long term. By listing on MoonSpark investors are able to buy into a project’s token without the need to giveaway tokens. Most importantly projects don’t have to make liquidity available to a DEX in order to list their native currency. There are now no obstacles for expanding a project’s token holder base and thus increasing liquidity.


Advantages for the investor

For the investor he or she has an opportunity to invest in hot small emerging projects. They pay no commissions, fees or spreads and the process is straightforward and simple. All the investor needs is a digital wallet.

One of the biggest gripes investors have when investing in small and micro cap projects is the sub par customer service of central exchanges in the small cryptocurrency space and their reluctance to buy through a DEX.

MoonSpark aims to be the go to platform for the purchase of emerging cryptocurrencies.



MoonSpark will market itself heavily to attract investors, not something you get with smaller exchanges or a DEX. We start with a large community of investors who are interested in investing in small cap projects. These are people who subscribe to our weekly Micro Cap Watch List, Monthly Moonshot Portfolio and listen to our various podcasts.


Remember you can remove your token’s listing at any time without obligation or cost.


There are no upfront costs, only a small commission on each sale.