MoonSpark is a single sided listing platform where a project can provide liquidity with only its native token. It is focused on  providing investors with access to exciting emerging projects. Our platform’s main objective is to make investing in small or micro cap crypto projects more accessible to investors. The biggest gripe we hear among investors interested in the micro cap space is the difficulty of buying into projects. Many investors don’t feel comfortable buying through decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and many others have had bad experiences dealing with exchanges operating in the small cap arena. We plan to change all that.

CryptoQuestion has established a solid reputation in the micro cap crypto market with its weekly Micro Cap Watch List, Monthly Moonshot Portfolio and various podcasts. Our large and growing community is made up of investors with an interest in emerging crypto projects. Our new platform is a perfect resource for the investor looking for a selection of early stage projects which they can buy easily and cheaply.

There are no commissions, fees or spreads payable by the investor.


Providing project founders with choice

As a project founder one of the most important goals is to gain widespread adoption of their protocol. That means expanding the investor base among as many token holders as possible. With a small cap project that often proves challenging.

Whilst decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are valuable to the crypto ecosystem and will continue to grow in importance they are not the best solution for small crypto projects. Every dollar of their native cryptocurrency has to be supported with a dollar in an alternative currency such as ETH, BNB, TUSD etc. When someone sells the  liquidity has to be replenished. Most small projects have limited liquid resources thus restricting them from marketing their project to a wider audience.

Central exchanges on paper overcome this need for liquidity however it is very difficult for a micro project to obtain a listing on a small exchange, there is an upfront cost and the reputation of most small exchanges are appalling deterring many investors from participating.

Our platform provides the project founder with options:

  1. It will help raise money for projects looking for development capital.
  2. It allows a project to expand their token holder base with few restrictions apart from the supply of tokens.
  3. It provides a solution for founders wanting to sell tokens.

The project sets the price at which the token is sold on the platform and has control over the token supply, adding and removing at their discretion.

Project owners must submit certain information in order to provide a clear and not misleading picture of their project to investors. This includes information about the project, tokenomics and a short video. The project founder specifies the price he or she wants to sell their tokens at, transfers the tokens that they wish to start selling and then presses submit.

Once submitted the project will be made available for investors to purchase. No commission, fees or spreads will be charged to investors. There will be a commission charged to the project owner and deducted from each transaction.

Our focus is on simplicity making small projects accessible to all investors.


Disclaimer and Risk Warnings

CryptoQuestion does not take responsibility for the information displayed on our platform. This is the sole responsibility of the project owner. By accepting project submissions this does not constitute a recommendation to buy. Investors should always conduct their own independent  due diligence and seek financial advice where appropriate.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk, you may lose 100% of your investment. Micro cap cryptocurrencies can have poor liquidity and it may be impossible to sell your tokens. Only invest what you can afford to lose.