The most exciting launchpad to hit the market yet!

  • No whitelists
  • No lotteries
  • No requirement to own the native currency in order to participate
  • The community is rewarded for voting for a project
  • The community who voted will share in the token pool set aside for each project
  • And to join the community all you have to do is register!

We are determined to maintain our impartiality so the idea of a launchpad didn’t seem an appropriate idea initially. But then we got thinking. If we allowed the community to select the projects by voting that solves two problems in one go. Firstly users make the decisions not CryptoQuestion. Secondly we can ensure that those who voted for a given project have priority when it comes time to invest. The voters are the ones who make the greatest contribution in our community driven platform so it makes sense that they should be rewarded, both in BITES our native token, as well as with priority access to the project’s ILO (Initial Launchpad Offering).

Forget whitelists and lotteries. The community decides. And to join the community all you have to do is register. Each project will be voted upon by the community and the successful projects will be made available on our launchpad for investment.


Stringent selection criteria

We are only interested in projects that have a clearly defined market with a unique offering. 

Teams must be experienced and not stand behind anonymity.

Tokenomics must be sensible. We are not interested in featuring coins with massive maximum circulations and low current supply. Also valuations that don’t reflect the startup nature of the project are also not of interest.

In order to prevent rug pulls we also require founders to have their tokens locked for a period of 3 years, on a sliding scale to be agreed.

Our process approval will be streamlined as our community will already be primed to vote and invest.

There are no fees involved in this process although do require a small percentage of the total supply to be set aside to reward our community for its participation in the process.


Projects looking for funding

If you feel like your project meets our stringent criteria then contact us at in the first instance.




To join our launchpad community and earn 100 BITES plus 20 BITES per vote register here.

You will be required to provide KYC when the platform opens for business in order to participate. But don’t worry, we intend to streamline this process too.


No Financial Advice

Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk. CryptoQuestion does not provide financial advice or recommendations. You should always seek independent financial advice and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.