CryptoQuestion — October 2021 News Bulletin

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Market Overview

September has been a pretty negative month with the overall market seeing its value decline by 7%. The fear and greed index slipped back into extreme fear and now sits at fear. However there are reasons to be positive. Firstly the Chairman of the Fed, Jerome Powell, told congress he did not intend to ban crypto currency, although he said stablecoins needed greater regulatory oversight. Secondly, the massive recent negativity surrounding China’s ban on crypto looks to have been overdone as usual.


Regulators target DeFi

The SEC is investigating Uniswap Labs, the organization behind the leading DEX Uniswap. It is early days yet but is a sign of things to come. That news was followed by the announcement that New Jersey had served a cease and desist order on Celsius, a leading yield farming platform which advertises, ‘earn 17% yield on your crypto’. Alabama and Texas are also looking at doing the same. Both Celsius and Uniswap rolled out the same statement that they are willing to work with regulators. Finally, Coinbase was told in no uncertain terms that if they continued with their plans to launch a lending platform the SEC would sue. Whilst Coinbase continued to deny that lending represented a regulated activity, they had no choice but to shelve or bin their proposals.

The UK’s Post Office enters crypto

That old chestnut — China

The recent stumble in the crypto market was blamed on China’s now outright ban of crypto no doubt to protect it’s digital yuan which it is rolling out. This should be no surprise. China has been tough on crypto for some time, the only surprise is this didn’t happen sooner. Crypto will do just fine without China.

Binance again

Robinhood and PayPal

Robinhood announced that they were rolling out a crypto wallet with transfer features allowing customers to store crypto and move in and out of their apps. The market considers Robinhood a serious threat to Coinbase’s business with this move. Meanwhile back in the grey and damp UK PayPal announced they were introducing crypto trading services through their PayPal accounts. Of course there is a limited selection of coins available including the Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Cash valued at a ridiculous $10 billion.

Cardano introducing its own stablecoin


There is talk that the SEC is investigating Tether, the leading stablecoin player. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone following the shenanigans at Tether over their total lack of transparency since inception. There have been multiple reports of investigations into breaching banking and security laws.

Inside Track podcasts

We continue to build our library of interesting content from emerging projects and technologies in the blockchain space. Inside Track is the best way to learn about cryptocurrency from experts in the field as well as discover emerging projects from NFTs to DeFi, from memecoins to launchpads.

This month’s podcasts include:

  • Lunch Money — The blockchain based business review platform described as the Yelp of the blockchain.
  • Petrachor — A smart contract platform designed for the mass market allowing users to mine using their mobile phones,
  • Haven — A privacy coin that combines privacy with stability.

Staking and Yield Farming

Monthly Moonshot Portfolio


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