Report: Crypto Moonshots for 2021

The most promising cryptocurrencies selected by the crypto community


Reliable independent information in the cryptocurrency market is hard to come by. Despite financial regulators attempts to kill the outlaws and flog the deviants the wild west lives on. The cryptocurrency community is a loyal bunch. Take the recent shenanigans at Ripple. Over 35,000 people have signed a petition urging the US government to classify XRP as a currency despite the clear evidence to the contrary. But even in the wild west we have to gather our information from somewhere despite the lack of safe drinking holes. Generally the best place to gather intelligence is from the cryptocurrency community itself.

A Community Generated List

This article has been compiled by searching the pages of Twitter and Reddit for the cryptocurrencies which are tipped to make waves this year. We have selected coins/tokens that the crypto community believe offer great potential for the year ahead. However with that said we have made our own assessment of each project excluding coins/tokens that have been self promoted, ones that are in our opinion grossly overvalued or ones where the project looks like a scam. That three pronged filtering system eliminated at least half of the coins/tokens that circulate the many online discussions.

Next we conducted our own assessment of each coin/token taking into account its valuation, prospects, and comparisons with similar projects. From a starting point of over 200 ‘hot tips’ we arrived at our final list of 29. These are coins/tokens which we believe are worth further investigation.

CryptoQuestion Ranking

Being a community generated list we decided to add our own ranking against each coin/token to provide some level of quality control to the final selection. This ranking is our assessment of the value of each cryptocurrency. A ranking of 5 means the coin/token represents good value, a ranking of 1 meanwhile means that you can find better value elsewhere.


The rankings we have attributed to each coin represent our own opinions. We would urge you to do your own research. A ranking of 1 for instance does not mean that the coin/token should be avoided. Far from it. Perhaps we have missed something. We have by no means conducted our own in-depth research on each coin/token therefore take this list as your starting point for further investigation.

Here are the crypto community picks for 2021:

Highest Ranked Picks

Below we have highlighted the cooins / tokens which we have ranked 5, as in, we considered these represented the best buying opportunities from the 29 cryptocurrencies on the list.

YLD is close to it’s all time high of $0.26 however when you look at other similar platforms in the DeFi space this currency is grossly undervalued.   YLD’s platform is aimed at the unsophisticated user which could make this an attractive bet on the eventual mass adoption of DeFi. There are two exchanges that offer a market in this cryptocurrency.

This is by far our favorite of all the coins we looked at. PLOT is a prediction market platform similar to Augur. Augur is one  of the biggest players in this market, but that really isn’t saying a lot. With only $1.9m of value locked (i.e. money currently committed to positions on its platform) Augur’s valuation of $115M is obviously based on its potential. PLOT’s value is 1% of Augur’s. That discount looks excessive to us. There are four exchanges who offer a market in PLOT. It has an all time high of $0.19, so clearly now is a good time to buy. We are adding PLOT to our own Micro Cap Watch Listas it meets our criteria perfectly. See below for more information.

Verge is another top selection which was popular amongst the crypto community however you wouldn’t think that with its current price of $0.0163 way off it’s all time high of $0.26. Verge is a privacy coin similar to Monero. which has a market cap of $2.6B. The other two leading privacy coins are Dash and ZCash, both of which have market caps of $1B and $784M respectively. Perhaps the privacy coin space is too crowded. Maybe the sentiment is turning negative towards privacy coins with a few major exchanges delisting all three cryptocurrencies.  Which ever way you look at it Verge could double in price without breaking a sweat.

Micro Cap Watch List

Every Friday we produce our own list of cryptocurrencies which we believe offer tremendous value. However there is a slight twist to our list compared to the above community generated one. We have focused on small cap cryptocurrencies which we believe offer some of the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Generally these are coins/tokens with a market cap of under $3m.


Also view our video here. This video will provide you with a better understanding of the opportunities and risks of investing in micro cap cryptocurrencies and our selection criteria.

Happy 2021


No Financial Advice

This article does not constitute financial advice in any way. The article should be treated as supplementary information to add to your existing knowledge base.