Report: Looking for Value outside the Usual Suspects

The search for bargains among the small-cap cryptocurrencies

Have you heard of Potcoin (POT), Bitcoin Plus (XBC), and PlotX (PLOT)? These are just a few of the thousands of microcap cryptocurrencies with a market cap of under $3m. These micro cap cryptocurrencies don’t generally receive a great deal of attention. Here lies the opportunity.

An Overview of the Cryptocurrency Market

There are over 6,000 listed cryptocurrencies. However, most of the action is in the top 6 (Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Tether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash). From our own, in-depth research it is obvious there are huge rewards waiting for those who find the hidden gems among the many long forgotten and overlooked micro cap cryptocurrencies. These are the coins with a market cap of under $3m, representing over 80% of all cryptocurrencies.

High Reward — High Risk

Investing in micro cryptocurrencies is probably one of the most lucrative opportunities out there right now although it is not without risk. Whilst offering the greatest potential of most investment opportunities it also represents the highest risk. Don’t enter this market unless you understand the risks and most importantly you are able to withstand any losses.

A Few Facts

Here are a few interesting facts about the cryptocurrency market:

  • There are over 6,000 listed cryptocurrencies
  • There are 30 coins with a market cap of over $1bn
  • There are 114 coins with a market cap of over $100m
  • 5,000 coins have a market cap of under $1m
  • 3,900 coins have a market cap of under $500
  • Over 60% of listed cryptocurrencies have a market cap of under $1

Introducing the CryptoQuestion: Micro Cap Watch List

This is a list of around twenty micro cap cryptocurrencies that we believe are worth closer attention.

The Search

To narrow the search for that hidden treasure we focused on cryptocurrencies with a market cap below $3m, that provided around 1,100 cryptocurrencies to sift through, no small task.

We were looking for cryptocurrencies that had built a reasonably sized community, where the currency was listed on at least two exchanges, and where the project demonstrated potential. Let’s describe what we consider the word potential to mean in this context.

The Selection Criteria

A project with potential is one where the project is live and has an established user base. In many cases projects have been overshadowed by their bigger brother in the market who have enjoyed all the publicity leaving the potentially promising projects marginalized and languishing at the bottom of the cryptocurrency heap.

The Potential Rewards

The prices of the cryptocurrencies selected are in many cases a fraction of a cent with market caps ranging from $1.6 million to $2,000. The potential if one of these projects is revalued is huge. Daily increases of 100% plus in the micro cap market are commonplace. But the reverse is also true.


We update this list every Friday adding and taking out cryptocurrencies depending on developments and feedback which will be published on our social media platforms as and when these are merited.

Dubious List

We have all heard of scam coins. The cryptocurrency graveyard is littered with them. The ‘Dubious List’ is a useful list of cryptocurrencies to avoid until further information is forthcoming about these projects.


Always do your own research. This list does not represent financial advice or a recommendation to buy. It is purely a watch list of cryptocurrencies with potential.

Conflicts of Interest

CryptoQuestion and its associates do not hold any currencies on the lists published, nor do we intend to purchase cryptocurrencies on the list.



No Financial Advice

This article does not constitute financial advice in any way. The article should be treated as supplementary information to add to your existing knowledge