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Watch ListTickerPrice $All Time Low $All Time High $Market CapDescription# of ExchangesRiskGreed Meter
HandshakeHNS0.2250.07550.8333107000000Provison of blockchain domain names56B
CertiKCTK1.240.73.9485000000Cross chain protocol with security scoring, certification and insurance25R
ICHIICHI16.80.24721.971000000Stablecoin platform for third party communities47B
RaribleRARI8.910.264842.3954000000NFT marketplace and issuance platform56R
Yield AppYLD0.30.091.2943000000Mobile app and web platform designed to provide the easiest way to invest in DeFi36B
HavenXHV2.170.08228.931000000First privacy stable coin46R
LikeCoinLIKE0.02260.00330.03324000000Content attribution, monetization and distribution platform28B
SyloSYLO0.0060.000768160.010922000000Decentralized data exchange. Operator of Sylo smart wallet47R

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