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The platform only launched a few weeks ago however the market value does not reflect that. This is one of those undervalued and undiscovered projects we love to find. It is a total moonshot as you are betting on the fact that people will start using their new platform in their droves. That is possible but like most things it is a long shot. However they do have a valuable product which is quite likely to gain traction but it may take some time.

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I totally love the concept of Ethbox. I am one of those people who has sent coins to the wrong wallet or wrong address…more than once, I’m embarrassed to admit. So many things can go wrong in crypto, especially for newbies and there is no one to give advice. I applaud ethbox for trying to solve this problem and support them wholeheartedly. Whether they will be able to achieve mass adoption is the big question, but if they are, the rewards will be huge for early investors. The CryptoQuestion site gives investors a very early look at these projects and I’m grateful for that.