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Energy Ledger has a great idea to solve a problem no one else in the blockchain space has got round to tackling. It is however too early to make an estimation of its chances of success as the project is yet to launch. The valuation however does reflect this. Energy Ledger seems to offer excellent value but with the added risk that you would expect from any moonshot. It has a fully documented and experienced team which provides some confidence in their ability to pull this off. The one downside is its lack of volume but that can work both ways and is to be expected by undiscovered projects such as this one. ELX is one to add to your watch list.

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I don’t really know how to Evaluate it since it hasn’t launched, but energy is another important area that hasn’t had enough coverage. Energy Ledger is typical of the moonshots found here in that it has been discovered so early. Nowhere else can you find so many interesting, potentially great moonshots that aren’t memecoins or scams.