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Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.


The Libertas Project was born out of passion for free speech. It’s a way to allow people to have a platform without fear of being deleted, banned or deplatformed.


Libertas is building a platform dedicated to decentralising the spoken word, to allow freedom of speech to continue unhindered, to help those who have lost their voice reclaim it and to stop censorship from becoming a way of life.


Anyone will be able to upload their podcast and it cannot be taken down due to the immutable nature of the blockchain. Anyone from any country, including countries where freedom of speech is not protected and is not recognised as a right, will be able to have their voice heard.


Libertas is a commendable project. With big tech banning users for little or no reason but based on the whims of some discriminatory algorithm there is a need for a solution where users own their data and their content. There are many platforms emerging in the blockchain space to imitate Facebook and Twitter but nothing really in the podcast arena. Libertas’ platform is a little clunky at the moment but will only improve. Its market cap of $950,000 makes this a perfect time to buy into this promising project.