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LikeCoin (LIKE)




LikeCoin is a protocol for content attribution, monetization and distribution. LikeCoin chain is a Bonded Proof of Stake blockchain developed on top of Cosmos. As a permissionless protocol, 800+ media chose to adopt LikeCoin with her WordPress plugin. LikeCoin also provides an easy-to-use mobile app, Liker Land, for laymen to read content, reward creators, transfer LikeCoin and delegate to validators.


At its core, LikeCoin works as a repository for immutable digital content metadata recording that data and guaranteeing its integrity using LikeCoin's digital registry protocol, the International Standard Content Number (ISCN). The ISCN functions like an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for digital content; this unique, immutable content identifier contains metadata including author, title, language, publisher, and place/time of publication.


The ecosystem also offers a valuable means for rewarding the creators and curators who produce and share registry content. LikeCoin algorithmically quantifies the value and impact of ISCN-registered content shared and consumed within the ecosystem, and rewards its creators with LikeCoin tokens. Creators receive LikeCoin every time their content is liked or shared, and LikeCoin users (known as "Likers") can additionally "tip" both creators and curators via the ecosystem's "Super Like" feature. All this can be accessed in a variety of ways — either directly through the free Liker Land app and its related browser extension, or indirectly through a click of the LikeCoin button available for common blogging platforms.


Our Opinion

Price: $0.02

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $41 million

Risk Score: 6

Target Price: $0.1

LikeCoin is the kind of project we like. A reasonable valuation, a viable product which is gaining traction and a clear use case for its native currency. So let’s look at the numbers. According to LikeCoin they have:

>300K pieces of content on LikeCoin

>80K Likers using the LikeCoin platform

>11K creators sharing content on LikeCoin

LikeCoin hasn't by any means  gone mainstream but it is building a loyal community of users in a space it pretty much has to itself. With a market cap of $41 million we believe this undervalues LikeCoin’s potential. We have set a price target of $0.1 which translates to a market value of $200 million, not an unreasonable valuation for a project already performing. The risk is less than projects like Loom and Foam because it has a working platform that is generating traffic in increasing numbers.