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DAPS is a privacy coin that aims to be the most private and secure privacy coin on the market. What makes DAPS special is that it claims to be the first to solve the "trust problem" for fully private chains with their own Proof of Audit algorithm which audits the chain for any abnormalities without compromising it’s anonymity features.


DAPS appears to have a robust platform having been audited by Red4Sec. It also has a healthy sized community of loyal supporters.  


DAPS is a project that is clearly under the radar especially when you look at the valuation of some of its competitors, including TurtleCoin, which was a tip of ours a few months ago, which has a fully diluted valuation of $110 million compared to DAPS’ $2 million.

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I think privacy coins will become more and more important in the future. I even bought Turtle in the past, which did not actually work out so well. Daps is clearly undervalued in comparison to Turtle and seems to offer even more.