Moonshot Portfolio




November’s Crypto Moonshot Portfolio


A diversified portfolio of twenty potential crypto moonshots



What are we excited about?

We are pretty happy with the state of our portfolio although there are a few cryptocurrencies which we believe may have reached their peak. The trick is finding suitable candidates to replace them with. That isn’t easy.


State of play

Let’s now focus on our current portfolio of twenty cryptocurrencies. This month we added one new cryptocurrency which replaced one of the old guard.



We added Digital Fitness (DEFIT), the number one cryptocurrency in the health and fitness space. With a market cap of only $3 million and with the market all to itself this is a project worthy of close attention.



We removed PlotX, one of our original picks. Sentimentality is for the weak. Whilst we will continue to include PlotX in our Weekly Micro Cap List we believe there is better value elsewhere. As you can probably detect by now we are moving our portfolio away from financials.



This month’s top performers were:

  • Kryll 669%
  • Don’t KYC 437%
  • Opacity 269%
  • Lunch Money 163%
  • Haven 160%



The months worst performers were:

  • Faceter 37%
  • Yield App 31%



Overall performance

Now let’s look at the overall performance of our portfolio:




This month’s developments


Kryll is a platform for cryptocurrency traders looking to use the most advanced trading tools and strategies. It is trading nearly $5 million every 24 hours and is proving a popular platform among traders. Kryll announced that its token is now tradable on Coinbase which explains the token’s meteoric rise in price. It might be time to take some profits in this one now.


Yield App

YLD, the regulated wealth management platform, continues to increase its managed assets, with yet another healthy increase of 14% to $512 million. There is a significant mismatch between its TVL and market cap which in our opinion makes this an ideal time to buy.



Although there is competition emerging, STRONG is by far the leading player in the nodes as a service space. It continues to experience strong growth in its node network with October seeing an increase of 25% to 146,000. Although the project has exceeded our price target we believe its leading position in this growth space makes it a token worth holding. Earning passive income through operating a node is a market that is not going away and Strong is leading the way.


Candela Coin

Candela, the solar power energy transfer project, is one of our long shot projects. Candela announced the delivery of its solar panels to stores as well as its preparation for a listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange. It also announced a new listing of it’s tokens.



Haven the privacy coin saw its protocol hacked recently however the project is finally being recognized as a leading lite in the privacy coin market. It’s token price has seen a massive rise this month and it is time to take some profits off the table in this one.



Mysterium Network the privacy network announced its imminent mainnet launch plus increasing user numbers with more than 4,700 nodes. The price of the token is riding high on the back of this optimism with October seeing a strong performance prior to its mainent launch.


Energy Ledger

Energy Ledger the blockchain for energy announced the launch of their new Dapp and their ambitious roadmap. Despite a fall back in the price recently this is one to hold.



The decentralized storage platform announced the release of the beta version of their desktop app for Windows and Mac. They also announced that they are offering storage for NFTs all of which had a positive effect on the token price, recording one of its strongest months for some time.


Lunch Money

The business review platform announced the launch of v2 of its platform with a focus on adoption as its top priority. However its recent strong progress was hit by an exploit of its reserve account with the hacker strolling off with 22 million LMY worth $35k. The market value fell by 90%. We are big buyers at this low level as the fundamentals haven’t changed.


Don’t KYC

Last month’s new addition DKYC justified its position with its token price exploding. We continue to be holders of this anonymous credit card platform which we believe has tremendous potential in a market clamoring for privacy.



Rentible is looking to release an initial commercial version of its platform by the end of the year, It is also moving into the metaverse with metaverse property transactions. This is set to be a game changer grossly undervaluing this project in our opinion.



We have remained faithful to PlotX, the prediction market for traders and continue to believe in their model. However we are not into sentimentality and believe there is better value to be had elsewhere. We have decided to replace PlotX with a cryptocurrency that we believe has great upside potential.


New Additions


Digital Fitness



Portfolio Selection — November 2021






Yield App






Opacity Storage (OPCT)


Candela Coin (CLA)


Certik (CTK)


Haven (XHV)


Uno Re (UNO)


Mysterium (MYST)


Energy Ledger










Lunch Money


Don’t KYC



Not Financial Advice

This article does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to buy in any way. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk, and you could lose 100% of your investment. The article should be treated as supplementary information to add to your existing knowledge.